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Date:2007-04-07 23:18
Subject:my left arm feels like it's being crushed right now
Mood: numb

bo0mshakkabo0m: hey
daniel the ant signed off at 10:39:11 PM.
daniel the ant: hey
bo0mshakkabo0m: i miss you :|
daniel the ant: i'll see you tomorrow, don't worry.
bo0mshakkabo0m: k
bo0mshakkabo0m: what are you up to?
daniel the ant: sitting on my butt and listening to armalite. i was trying to go to sleep, but i can't for some reason,.
daniel the ant: you?
bo0mshakkabo0m: meh
bo0mshakkabo0m: i feel really sick
daniel the ant: why's that?
bo0mshakkabo0m: my stomach hurts so badly
daniel the ant: go lay down.
daniel the ant: take meds.
bo0mshakkabo0m: it won't help
daniel the ant: poop.
daniel the ant: i don't know then.
bo0mshakkabo0m: it's been like this off and on for days and it's not like a pressure kind of pain
bo0mshakkabo0m: it's hard to explain
daniel the ant: go to the doctor.
bo0mshakkabo0m: i should
daniel the ant: then do it.
bo0mshakkabo0m: ......bear?
daniel the ant: yeah?
bo0mshakkabo0m: are you getting tired of me?
daniel the ant: what do you mean?
bo0mshakkabo0m: you seem like you don't like being around me anymore
daniel the ant: i don't like being around anyone lately.
bo0mshakkabo0m: why?
daniel the ant: i've been feeling really sad.
bo0mshakkabo0m: what's wrong?
daniel the ant: i'm leaving in a few months... i don't know. i'm just really sad about it.
daniel the ant: i've never done this before, and i don't know what'll happen.
daniel the ant: i don't know how i'm going to go to school and work at the same time.
daniel the ant: i don't know if this'll effect us in anyway.
bo0mshakkabo0m: what do you mean?
daniel the ant: i said what i mean
daniel the ant: i don't know how else to put it.
bo0mshakkabo0m: i really don't understand
daniel the ant: i'm affraid of what'll happen here soon.
bo0mshakkabo0m: ?
daniel the ant: i'm leaving in a few months
daniel the ant: to live on my own
daniel the ant: and i plan on going to community and working a job at the same time
daniel the ant: i need a full time job in order to pay for my half of the rent
daniel the ant: i don't know how i'm going to be able to juggle having a full time job and going to school at the same time
daniel the ant: if i do, then i'll have my hands full all the time. i'd never have anytime for much else, so i'm afraid that it might effeect our relationship.
bo0mshakkabo0m: i really don't know what to say to that
bo0mshakkabo0m: it's kind of upsetting
daniel the ant: it really is.
daniel the ant: that's why i feel so sad.
bo0mshakkabo0m: i've just been worried lately that you've been distant because you don't like me anymore...
bo0mshakkabo0m: but if this is the case then we should do everything fun while we still can, and not be sad about it
daniel the ant: i can't help it
daniel the ant: i don't want to do anything... i don't know.
bo0mshakkabo0m: you and christina didn't see each other very often but you still managed to work things out
daniel the ant: i saw her all weekend and i was on the phone with her constantly
daniel the ant: i'd stay at her house all weekend
daniel the ant: so we spend alot of time together
bo0mshakkabo0m: well why can't i just come see you on your days off when you're not at school?
daniel the ant: i'm not saying you can't/
daniel the ant: i don't know how things'll be around that time
daniel the ant: that's why i'm scared
bo0mshakkabo0m: how what things will be?
daniel the ant: my schedule
bo0mshakkabo0m: :..
daniel the ant: my days off of work i might be at school and my days off of school i might be at work
bo0mshakkabo0m: yeah...
bo0mshakkabo0m: we should really put this out of our minds for the time being, though
bo0mshakkabo0m: it will only upset us both
daniel the ant: i can't.
daniel the ant: i never could.
daniel the ant: i think too much.
daniel the ant: besides, it's a bit upsetting to go on through with a relationship when you know it's going to end soon.
bo0mshakkabo0m: what?
bo0mshakkabo0m: end?
daniel the ant: that's not what i meant.
bo0mshakkabo0m: what do you mean then??

bo0mshakkabo0m: bear?
daniel the ant: it was sort of a what if. just the whole: what if things don't turn out the best between us if i don't have time for you
bo0mshakkabo0m: so that means we would have to break up?
daniel the ant: i didn't say that
bo0mshakkabo0m: ok
bo0mshakkabo0m: even if we didn't see each other that much, i wouldn't want to leave you
bo0mshakkabo0m: i love you so much, daniel, and i'm willing to wait until youre done with school and all that to spend time with you
daniel the ant: that's two years.
daniel the ant: you'd get tired of sitting around.

daniel the ant: besides, it's a bit upsetting to go on through with a relationship when you know it's going to end soon.

after he said this i went berserk. i ran into the living room crying so hard i couldn't breathe and fainted on the floor. my mom then decided to get involved which was a disaster. i really don't know what to do right now. i love him so much it's hurts sometimes because it often feels as though he doesn't love me equally or at all.
still i don't know what i would do without him. i called him and he tried to reassure me, but i still can't stop crying. this is my first serious relationship, and he's the first person i've ever really loved. i just... don't want to see it end this way. i want us to be happy as long as we can, and i want to avoid thinking of the future, but he seems to think that's impossible, so he has to mope around for the next two months because we might have to break up.

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Date:2007-03-10 11:43
Mood: bouncy

new mood theme :DD

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Date:2007-03-08 23:46
Subject:This has been...
Mood: predatory

One shitty ass month I tell you what.

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Date:2007-02-26 11:09
Mood: content

mom: so what did you and daniel go do today?

me: we went to mountasia.

mom: mm. fun. what did you do there...?

me: we played puttputt and then rode the go karts

mom: mm.

me: i puked in line waiting to get on the go kart.

mom: *chortle*

me: and since i was sitting down i puked between my legs

mom: *cackle*

me: and it was nothing but pretzels and jawbreakers so it looked really gross and tasted funny

mom *roflsnort*

me: then the girl in front of me turned around and was like "...that bitch barfed"

mom: AAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HAH HA HA HA HEEEEEEEEK HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! i'm gonna fall over!!

me: then daniel refused to kiss me even after i had ten mints and a bottle of water. he said he didn't find me attractive because i barfed.

mom: *leaning on the dryer* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! OHMANOHMANOHMAN!!!

me: *double dips my finger in her bowl of ranch dressing while she isn't looking* i'm gonna go pee.....

mom: lollollollollollollolz!!!111!!one

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Date:2007-01-31 22:19
Subject:NO NO NO
Mood: mischievous


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Date:2007-01-15 21:53
Mood: weird

I haven't been on LJ in ages... I also haven't done anything interesting enough to warrent a post.
my life is boooring
I hope I get hit by a train or something... THEN it'll be interesting.

Oh god I take it back I take it back I take it back!!!!!!!!!!
My life is pretty interesting..... I guess... Like.... I draw comics... And build forts... And get farted on.
I also pretend to be a wizard and tromp around in my gryffindor uniform alot. Mainly when no one's home

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Date:2006-12-15 23:52

bo0mshakkabo0m: Let's start acting like those kids only with harry potter
bo0mshakkabo0m: we can dress up like wizards every day and try to cast spells n junk
daniel the ant: we really should.
bo0mshakkabo0m: talk about the day dumbledore comes to save us from this hellhole and personally tutor us at hogwarts
bo0mshakkabo0m: maaaaaaan
bo0mshakkabo0m: i want dumbledore to be my teacher...
daniel the ant: i could dress like him...
bo0mshakkabo0m: eeeeeewwwwwww
bo0mshakkabo0m: i don't wanna kiss dumbledore
daniel the ant: i do!

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Date:2006-12-13 19:34
Subject:I had..

Such an amazing day

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Date:2006-11-27 21:24
Subject:I wish I could stop crying

I'm going to become a nun

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Date:2006-11-27 16:58
Mood: nauseated

I'm so nervous I feel sick

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Date:2006-11-08 19:41
Subject:Please someone..

Buy me a Polaroid camera. I want one so badly.

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Date:2006-11-08 19:34
Subject:♥ ♥
Mood: chipper

Today Katherine and I went on a bike ride in the really old part of the neighborhood. I rode a really old fashioned bike with a basket that we carried a radio and water bottles in. We listened to KTRU the whole time while trying to dodge loose dogs and crazy drivers :]
We also discovered an awesome band called The Raincoats and I showed Katherine what Ska was.
We finished off our funtastic ride by pedaling up to the new Greengate's park to rest while this creepy little kid ogled our bikes.

Of course we went back to her house and stuffed our faces with boca burgers and cheezits thus adding on ten pounds immediately.

oh. btw... Kenny came to Spring High today. I tried my hardest to avoid him and thankfully succeeded. He left a note in Herr Todd's class and I really wanted to shred it, but I was too amused by his third grader handwriting and shitty spelling.
he misspelled writing.

aaaaaanyways... Katherine talked to her English teacher who he also went to visit, and the teacher said he was probably stalking me because he's really weird and a creep.

Spot on, ma'am. Spot on.

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Date:2006-10-27 16:07

I dropped my celery

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Date:2006-10-27 16:02
Mood: depressed

Lately I've been noticing some jigglin' going on that wasn't there before, so I started dieting. A couple minutes ago I was getting a stalk of celery out of the fridge. As I was closing the door I noticed the cool whip and sort of did a double take. It took all the willpower in all the fibers of my body to keep me from squirting it onto the celery.

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Date:2006-10-26 21:39
Subject:Herro I ruv DEER EN GRAVY
Mood: amused

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Katherine: D:

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Date:2006-10-16 11:37
Mood: weird

The bus never came today so I've been sleeping on and off listening to the weather every now and then. Two ladies in houston died because they drove into really deep water and got trapped inside their car. I think I heard something about a construction worker who fell and died. Tornadoes have hit down in galveston and right now some lady on a recorded emergency call is crying about her baby.

I wish I had gone to school

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Date:2006-10-13 21:19
Mood: amused

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Date:2006-10-11 21:05
Subject:I love the internets!!!!!!111one
Mood: chipper

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Date:2006-10-10 19:34
Mood: relieved

ooooooooooopz. I slept until about eleven today and ended up not going to school.

I needed a day off, though.

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Date:2006-09-28 20:47
Subject:spazz attackx10

today mr. venable told me that cheese has some kinda cow intestines in it, because it makes the cheese hard. I freaked out but Amber told me he was full of shit. saf;ldskjf;l; goddd I hate him so much.

ps. according to my English teacher, guarantee is spelled "guaranty"

fuck life.

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